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Desk Drawer Distractions

It is said that everyone has a type

Some fall for the smart, nerdy ones

Some for the hopeless romantics

And some for the organized, grounded ones

Meanwhile I,

I fall for the stoic ones

Ones once bitten and twice shy

(Was he ever bitten?)

How fortuitous that a girl like me

Is destined to love people who will never love me back

And I swear,

I've tried burying my optimism in the dirt you left behind

Misplace my heart in the baggage that forces me down

And smother any kind of feeling I have for the beauty I never fail to see in someone new.

Because it is that unburied optimism that gets me to be let down

That heart that always looks for the good in people even among their worst darkness

And the same feeling that breathed through the plastic

Leading me to write this poem.

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