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Introverts vs Extroverts

The introvert versus extrovert question is pretty complex, they both are complete opposites of each other. This write-up is a comparative study between the two.


Introverts love spending time alone, but they don't hate being with a few friends either. They usually recharge after a long day of school or work by listening to music, drawing something or just simply drowning in their own thoughts. They are known to get lost in their thoughts. Introverts take time to process new information and never make a hasty decision. They enjoy one-on-one conversations and are more sociable with people they know. They are more attentive and learn from their mistakes immediately. They avoid spending time with extroverts and spend time with people they have a deep connection with, it may seem as though they don't have friends but that is a common misconception.

Introverts have, not more than 10 friends because as you know, they prefer spending time with 1 person or 2-3 people.

Introverts are more prone to stress disorders, anxiety and depression. This is mainly because they are victims of bullying and teasing, people who are not introverts don't accept the fact that they are different. If people start accepting them, the world will certainly become more peaceful and loving, because that is what introverts are.


Extroverts hate being alone, they always love spending time with people. They thrive in team-oriented and open-work settings. They are always energetic, outgoing and positive. Extroverts are known for their large social networks and friend circles. They love cheering people up. They tend to think out loud, which can sometimes lead to people being hurt or arguments. They try never to miss a party and love being in a huge group of people. They avoid spending time with introverts.

Extroverts are not really bullied but are made fun of because of their nature and aura. The world really needs positivity and extroverts can make the world get rid of the negativity.


Ambiverts are those people who are both introverts and extroverts. I, myself am an ambivert. Ambiverts choose when they want to be with people if they are not in the mood, they sit and watch TV, listen to music or hear themselves think. When they feel alone or the need to talk they'll invite some friends and be happy. Ambiverts are too complicated to be explained. 

Ambiverts are prone to mood swings and get easily annoyed. They are not really bullied but when they are not in the mood to be with people, their friends can get hurt. Ambiverts' need to be understanding and polite. 

I hope you gained some knowledge through this write-up and be sure to write to me: whether you are an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert.

Till we meet again!


Mostly Crazy

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