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I had a speaking skill in my class this week and we had to recite a poem. We were given the choice of composing our own poem or reciting one which was authored by someone else. I chose to write my own. I thought I would post it.

As the title suggests, the poem is based on the monsoons. I adore this season and I wrote about it.


I wake up to the sound of water violently hitting the ground.

A smile draws across my face.

I leap from my bed and run down the stairs.

I ask my mother for a cup of hot cocoa.

For there is nothing like a nice, hot cup in the monsoon.

I race to the garden and I get the sweet scent of the rain.

I slowly pick up a chair and sit on the porch.

My mother brings the cocoa and I close my eyes.

How I love the monsoon.

For it marks the end of the hot summer.

And spreads a verdant carpet far and wide.

Oh, how I will love the rain forever.

And I still do.

I am so very old now, but my heart leaps like a child when I hear the water pouring.

My soul is young and still yearns for the rain all year round.

I now ask my daughter to make a cup of hot cocoa.

Memories come flooding back as I smell the scent of the rain.

I still sit on the same porch and on the same chair with the same cup.

Oh, how I have loved the rain since forever

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