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Tears of Joy

And there it was, it had been declared, the lockdown was over. They were free, everything would go back to normal, she would go back to school, her father would go back to work, they would go outside for lunch every Sunday. Things were finally settled. But there was a rather empty feeling in her, what would happen when she went back to her friends?

She fell asleep with this thought in her mind.

Her mother woke her up the next day, early in the morning. She woke up feeling nervous, her hands were sweaty, she was having palpitations. In the next hour, she found herself at the gate of her school, memories came flooding back. She slowly de-boarded the bus and walked to her class. Her eyes became blurry, she was tearing up, but she knew she wasn't sad. Tears of joy, yes, that was it, tears of joy. Her friends came running up to her, she wasn't alone! Everybody was crying...for the same sole reason: that they missed this. 

Online classes had been a bore, her neck would pain every day. She got sick of doing the same thing daily. Coming to school and being in the comfort of her friends was a nice change. The bell rang. Oh! That sweet sound she so missed! 

It was time to have food. She didn't feel like being around anyone right now. But no! She would get bored. As her brain tried to figure out what to do, her legs were taking her elsewhere. She decided to follow, even though she was clueless. Where was she going?

Her legs stopped moving, she figured she had reached where destiny wanted her to be. She raised her head, something was written on a silver plaque. She read it, and she realised it was her little sanctuary. She entered. Sadness? Was it sadness she was engulfed with? Yes.

A teacher's voice played in her mind, it instantly changed to a boy's. She recognized it immediately. It was a conversation. She felt someone push her to where the conversation had taken place, almost a year back. It changed again, she didn't recognize this one. Someone whispered in her ear, it was not the same voice which played in her head, it was different. High-pitched, a girl's, that was all she could observe. It whispered soothingly, "Everything is all right. Don't panic. Now, be kind, be brave and be unstoppable."


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