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The Cracked Painting

I'm so happy I don't miss you anymore

I don't feel your absence anymore

I recognised what I really deserved

and that did not include the shit I got from you

so I left.

Now when I look at your face

I feel resentment and disgust

I feel like running away

running far far away before I could ever fall again

the world would crumble if I loved you again

the world would crumble if I saw good in you again

so I ignore you, neglect you, and hate you

I do it openly so,

because if I don't do that

the world shall most certainly crumble

I wish I'd seen this coming but damn

I can't blame myself

you painted yourself so well, and I, just an amateur art gazer, could have never really known

so I looked at the painting a little more carefully

because I have never known humans to be so perfect

I saw the cracks, I saw the faults, and I fell in love with them.

until the cracks started spreading to me, the longer I touched it, the more it came to me

I got scared but I didn't let go, I tried to mitigate the situation to no avail.

that's when I sighed, that's when I cried, that's when I hung my head in defeat, that's when I knew I had to let you go.

I dropped the painting and ran far far away.

I don't know where I am but at least the painting is nowhere near me.

I hope I don't find my way back to the same art gallery.

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